Nöos, for String Quartet: Premiere at FIAS 2021 Music Festival – Madrid (Spain)

Nöos, for String Quartet: Premiere at FIAS 2021 Music Festival – Madrid (Spain)

On 22nd February, a new composition written by Maria Camahort for String Quartet will be premiered in Madrid, at FIAS 2021 Music Festival, by Cuarteto Bauhaus:


Nöos is formed by 5 movements, each of them to be performed in between of the five movements from the String Quartet n.3 by Dimitri Shostakovich. Here’s some information about the piece and the performance taking place on 22nd Febr:

1946 was a peaceful and quiet year for Dmitri Shostakovich. Coinciding with the end of World War II, his long-awaited Ninth Symphony was premiered, so the largest of his projects for 1946 was the String Quartet op.73. The message distilled by the third quartet, from its mischievous theme in the first movement to the long and melancholic notes of the pedal at the end passing through the passacaglia of the fourth movement, clearly also lacks any cheerful nuance … rather it seems to formulate a concise criticism of all warfare.

Following the subtly programmatic character of Shostakovich’s Quartet No. 3, Noös attempts to offer a musical and conceptual counterpoint to this brilliant yet defeatist work. Taking as a starting point the teachings of Viktor E. Frankl (Jewish neurologist, psychiatrist and philosopher, Holocaust survivor and founder of logotherapy), Noös is musically inspired by concepts expressed and defined by this key figure in existential therapy, specifically those described in his work “Man in search of meaning.”